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Ocean Lakes Camping WIFI Terms of Service for Campsite WIFI Service

Ocean Lakes Campground provides Free WIFI Service to all camping and common areas. Fixed home sites and Fixed Home Site Areas are responsible for their own WIFI and not covered by this Service. This service is offered as a courtesy to our guests. Guests must login to access the FREE WIFI service in guest camping areas. FREE WIFI without login required is offered to all guests in the common areas such as the waterpark, pool, store, and gazebo areas.

Help Line:

If you are having trouble connecting to our FREE WIFI, you may call Guest WIFI Support at 843-438-1694.They will work with you to resolve any issues you may have with our service.

Limitation of Liability:

All WIFI services are provided on an “as is” basis. We do not warrant WIFI Service to be fault free or fit for any use or purpose, or that our system is secure. You assume all responsibility and risk for use of the Service. If you are dissatisfied with the service, your exclusive remedy is to discontinue use of the service. All sales for bandwidth upgrades, if purchased, are final and no refunds will be made available.


Upgrades are available for faster speeds on a per device basis on a daily and weekly basis. Login to your main account using reservation number and last name to upgrade one or more accounts. Upgrades offer faster speeds and higher priority than free accounts. NOTE: All sales for bandwidth upgrades, if purchased, are final and no refunds will be made available.

Devices That Cannot Login:

If you have a smart tv, ROKU, or game console that does not support login to access internet service you will need to either enter your MAC address for this device or devices into one of you eight supplied accounts for these devices to access the internet service. If you are unsure how to enable this, please contact the Help Line and have the MAC address of the device available to give to the tech that assists you. Upgraded service is recommended for high definition streaming and gaming to provide adequate service.

NOTICE: If your RV has metal on the sides or top, WIFI signals may not penetrate your RV. Wireless repeaters placed in your camper window in most cases can overcome this issue and are available on a first come first serve basis if needed. Call the help line for assistance.